For the future generations through Education


St. Mark primary school in Kyengera Wakiso – exists to provide a healthy environment that offers hope, happiness and “life” to Ugandan children presently deprived of such bare necessities.

Children are the present and the future of this world. Their well-being needs to be paramount in how they are cared for. The key to a child’s well-being is education. Education opens the door to providing the bare necessities of life. Each child needs to be fed, to be housed, to be schooled, to be clothed, to be part of a community and most of all to be loved. St.mark primary school Kyengera Wakiso seeks to provide the basis of an educational framework that opens such doors. 

All of these children, and more, the forgotten children of Uganda, will have a home at ‘st.mark primary school’ regardless of their circumstance. The school will seek to empower, inspire, and enliven the hearts and minds of these children through love and care.


Dr. Cyprian's Story

I am thrilled to share my story with all of you! I have lived in Uganda Kyengera – masanda zone since 2012. I have since fell in love and felt moved to do more. I am a firm believer that if you can educate one person, you can change the world, and I am committed to work towards that goal to help Children in Uganda in their Education.

Ugandan families are often left with the decision to either provide food and shelter for their family, or invest in an education. The cost of buying uniforms and school supplies, are far out of the reach of many Uganda parents. On top of paying school tuition and buying textbooks, many families in Uganda cannot afford to buy school necessities for their children. Access to an education creates new opportunities for children to rise above their circumstances by providing the tools necessary to advance and create new possibilities.

Join me in the movement to provide school uniforms and supplies for 400 students in need at the St. Mark primary school Uganda.

An average complete school uniform costs between $15 to $20.00 USD. With school starting the first week of June. My Goal is to raise $5000 by December 11, 2019 so that they receive books, supplies, and uniforms and not miss any school due to lack of required resources.

I am beyond excited and blessed to have the opportunity to serve and stand with St. Mark primary school. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Your help creates the future that Uganda deserves…

I understand that some can’t contribute financially, but you can still help reach our goal!

Support our children

Join us in the movement to provide school uniforms and supplies to over 400 students in need at St. Mark primary school in Kyengera, Uganda.

We strongly believe that if you can educate one person, you can change the world, and we are committed to work towards that goal.


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St. mark primary school is a registered school with the ministry of education and sports in Uganda that seeks to be the change it wishes to see in the world.

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